Board of Directors

Mike Holt

Executive Chairman

(appointed 7 August 2018, and as Chairman 30 May 2019)

Mike has significant public company board and financial experience. He was CFO of Low & Bonar PLC, an international performance materials group, between 2010 and 2017. Prior to that, he was CFO of Vp plc, the specialist equipment rental group, for over six years from 2004. Prior to joining Vp, Mike held senior financial positions within Rolls-Royce Group in the UK, USA and Hong Kong. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a member of The Association of Corporate Treasurers. Mike qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen. Mike is also a non-executive director, and chair of the audit and risk committee, of Schroders Asian Total Return Investment Trust Company plc.

Maribeth Keeling

Chief Financial Officer

(appointed 15 July 2019)

Maribeth has considerable public company experience, having specialised particularly in the turnaround and performance improvement of various companies in a variety of sectors, and has worked predominantly in listed entities (main market and AIM), but also in private companies and the not-for-profit sectors.  Maribeth retains her role as Finance Director of the Cake Decoration division.

Jacques d'Unienville

Non-Executive Director

Jacques has nearly 20 years' experience of sugar and related industries (independent power production, waste and environment management and renewable energy) in France, the Seychelles and Mauritius. He is the CEO of Omnicane and the chairperson of Omnicane Thermal Energy Operations (La Baraque) Limited and Omnicane Thermal Energy Operations (St. Aubin) Limited. He has served as President of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate and as president of the Mauritius Sugar Producers' Association.

Judith MacKenzie

Non-Executive Director

(appointed 21 July 2017)

Judith joined Downing LLP in October 2009 and is Partner and Head of Public Equity. Previously she was a partner at Acuity Capital, a buy-out from Electra Private Equity, where Judith managed small company assets. Prior to Acuity, she spent seven years with Aberdeen Asset Management Growth Capital as co-Fund Manager of the five Aberdeen VCTs, focusing on technology and media investments in both the public and private arenas. Judith has held a number of public and private directorships.

Gail Lumsden

Non-Executive Director

(appointed 24 October 2019)

Gail has significant experience driving profitable growth and leading change worldwide in both large corporates and SMEs. Over the past 20 years Gail has held senior roles at Diageo Plc in strategy, finance and business development, taking the lead in several major M&A transactions and more recently at SABMiller as Group Strategy Director, helping transform SABMiller from a multi-local brewing business to an integrated branded beer business. Gail has significant international experience in emerging and developed markets at corporate, regional and operating company levels.

Anthony Ridgwell

Non-Executive Director

(appointed 30 May 2019)

Anthony Ridgwell has been working within the Napier Brown group of companies since leaving university.  He is also a director of Napier Brown and Napier Brown Holdings Limited where he deals with and manages their investments.

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