Corporate Social Responsibility

Real Good Food recognises its responsibility to, and how much it benefits from, the communities of which it is a part, and embracing its corporate social responsibility is therefore an integral part of building long term sustainable businesses in our two divisions and we continue to play our part with our stakeholders and in our communities.

Each business has a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan built around the Group’s Responsible Business Framework and is actively engaged in its fulfilment.

The Responsible Business Framework, originally put in place in 2016 has three key objectives:

1. To be the employer of choice in its local community.

2. To be actively involved within our communities and to build a reputation for social responsibility.

3. To continue to strengthen our reputation for respect, integrity and innovation with our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

The following are examples which help illustrate the type of activity that our businesses are engaged in against those objectives.

JF Renshaw

During 2017/18, Renshaw raised some £3,800 for the local charity, KIND – which helps children and their families cope with the effects of disadvantage and poverty – through sponsored activities such as bike rides, cake sales and raffles.

The business also supplied product to KIND for open days, and to use in their work with local children, and supported another local charity.

The Whitechapel Centre – a homelessness and housing charity – through the winter, supplying food and clothes donated by employees for the homeless in Liverpool.

Renshaw also operate a payroll donation scheme to Barnados, through which last year some £4,700 was donated, bringing the total so far donated to over £35,000.

Brighter Foods

Brighter Foods are also active in their local community; the company helped the local council to promote careers in Science, Technology and Engineering, for example, through attendance at Coleg Meirion Dwyfor, Dolgellau in June 2018.

They also sponsor Monmouth RFC, sponsored the 2017 Wales Start Up Awards and contributed to the cost of the Shed Egryn project, a community facility in the village of Llanegryn, which allows members of the community to come together, share skills, have access to a workshop and other shared facilities.

Health and Safety

Commentary 2017/18

Haydens continued its strong record of performance, having not had a RIDDOR accident since November 2015. With circa 500 people in the business and a significant capital expansion project, this is a major achievement.

Brighter Foods has performed well with no RIDDOR incidents reported.

Renshaw experienced a number of accidents and incidents during the year and this has so far continued into 2018.

R&W Scott appointed a permanent HSE Advisor following a period of interim support.

Having established an appropriate stand-alone HSE infrastructure within each business, the Group Head of HSE left the business after the end of the year under review.

Priorities for 2018/19

Maintaining and improving legal compliance and health and safety performance where businesses look to stand alone – an appropriate periodic audit process will be implemented to ensure improving standards in this important area.

Implementing corporate reporting such that the individual businesses report HSE performance in common format and performance is reviewed at every Board meeting.

Targeting a reduction in the number of incidents in Renshaw’s operational HSE performance.

Operational Responsibility

Modern Slavery

We have developed our statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking which can be found HERE.

As a responsible organisation we recognise our responsibilities and our commitment to ensuring an ethical approach to our activities remains a cornerstone of all we do, including throughout our supply chains.

Our commitment and support of the Ethical Trading Initiative continues with successful unplanned audits at Liverpool during the year.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

From April 2017, organisations with over 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap. We have one company within our Group which is required to publish their gender pay gap, JF Renshaw Ltd.

At the point of the report, Haydens Bakery Ltd were still a part of the Group and due to their size were also required to publish their gender pay gap. This will be the final year that Real Good Food Plc reflect their results.

Details of the gender pay gap reports can be found here:

JF Renshaw Ltd

Haydens Bakery Ltd